Privacy Policy

We have tried to create a privacy policy that is understandable, as we believe that it is more important that we are able to convey our message to those using our service than trying to please our lawyers.

The primary goal of this privacy policy is to provide you with ample information on how we collect, store and use any data you provide. If you still have questions after reading this page, please address them to privacy [at]

This privacy policy applies to any interaction between you and It does not include interactions with 3rd party services, like GitHub or Bitbucket. These services have their own privacy policies. We encourage you to read them prior to using

Collecting information

  • We may store information retrieved after authenticating with 3rd pary services. This includes any information that is exposed by the 3rd pary service as specified in their documentation, only limited by the scope to which you have given us access to.
  • We will only use stored information for internal analysis and product improvement. This information will not be shared with other parties, except for those that we use to store this information (like hosting providers or Software-as-a-Service platforms) and to comply with legal orders.
  • We will collect anonymous usage information using Google Analytics.


By authorizing access to your data, you consent that we may store this information. You also consent that your data can be stored and transfered to servers world-wide, depending on which 3rd party is used to provide us with the appropriate technology to run


A cookie is a small amount of data stored on your computer's hard drive. This data is shared between your computer and upon interacting with our service.

  • Cookies are required to be able to provide the product service and collect anonymous usage information. These cookies can safely be removed after visiting, but will require you to log in again upon return.
  • If not removed manually, the cookie will expire after a certain period of time. This is to protect you from possible identity theft, but does require you to re-login upon returning to our service.

Legal Compliance

Our service is governed by the law of the Netherlands and the European Union. This means that we may disclose personal information to comply with legal orders. In addition, your information might also be disclosed by the 3rd parties involved in storing your data and operating our services, if required to comply to their legal orders. It is important to note that these providers may be governed by other laws, and is beyond our control.


This privacy policy may be changed. If these changes involve more than editorial updates or visual improvements, you will be notified when logging in to our service. If these changes involve your personal information specifically, you will be notified by email.